SM2 Broadcasting Headset Microphone

The SM2 is a comfortable, self-adjusting headset with dual-enclosed ear receivers and an attached broadcast-quality boom-mounted microphone.

以下の用途に最適: スピーチ
Dynamic Cardioid

What is the SM2 best suited to?

The SM2 headset microphone is designed for news and sports broadcasting, special events remote announcing, interviewing, and intercom systems. The SM2 allows convenient hands-free operation.

What are the characteristics of the SM2?

The SM2 microphone is a close-talking unidirectional dynamic with a response from 50 to 15,000 Hz. Because of its noise reducing character, it discriminates in favour of close sounds and against distant sounds. As a result, it can be used even under extremely noisy conditions without loss or masking of the voice signal.


  • Close-talk microphone operation and unidirectional polar pattern for effective noise reduction
  • Smooth, natural microphone voice frequency response
  • Microphone can be worn on right or left side, boom pivots through 155 degrees
  • Microphone boom length adjusts through 89 mm (3 1/2" in) range
  • High sensitivity enclosed ear receivers block out room noise, enhance clarity of reception
  • Self-adjusting, free-swiveling cushioned earpieces promote user comfort and lower fatigue during extended periods of use
  • Cardioid dynamic


  • 形式: ダイナミック
  • 指向特性パターン: カーディオイド
  • 最低再生周波数: 50 Hz
  • 最大再生周波数: 15 KHz
  • 感度 (dBV/Pa): –47 dBV/Pa
  • 感度 (mV/Pa): 4,5 mV/Pa
  • 質量: 290 g
  • 周波数応答曲線:


SM2 User Guide


  • Windscreen (Part No: RK184WS)