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DCS 6000 Firmware release 7.5.8

Important Latest News:
Do not upgrade to this version in systems with CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 and DC 6990 using the 'Mute' functionality in DC 6990.

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DDS 5900 Firmware release 1.10.7

Firmware Release 1.10.7
BUG fixes
Fixes an increased audio delay in VOX mode introduced into release 1.10.5
Adds "Mute toggle" functionality to units in VOX mode
Adds support for the latest Window 8.xx operating system updates
New "Upgrade Manual DDS 5900" introduced

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SW 6000 version 6.2.202

SW 6000 v6.2.202 is now released.

This version introduces some improvements as well as bug fixes.

Upgrade from all previous SW 6000 versions

Upgrade from all previous SW 6000 versions are possible.

V5.8 and v6.0 will still be available for download on SW6000 Software Download Centre for maintenance purpose, but new orders on v5.8, v6.0 and v6.1 will not be accepted.

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DCS 6000 Firmware release 7.5.8

Firmware release 7.5.8 is now available. The release addresses the following issue:

* (DC6990P) Units experience overflows during voting tests
* (DM6680P) Unwanted electrical clicking noise from units when pressing speak button
* (CU61xx) DC6990P dual units has been experienced "locked" or "registering" after CU reboot and registration
* (CU61xx) Update to polish labels in the web interface
* (CU6110) Update to allow the password for the CU WEB interface to be cleared
* (CU61xx) Update to allow a unit to stay in the reply list after microphone priority is set to zero from external control


This firmware version 7.5.8 is compatibel to SW 6000 v.5.8.121 or later versions only and is not compatible to previous SW 6000 versions.

A problem has been found in full image upgrade file for IS 6132 in release 7.5.3 / 7.5.4 / 7.5.5 / 7.5.6. Therefore if you have downloaded any of these versions then delete them and use version 7.5.8.

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SW 6000 & Firmware License Configuration

New version of the configuration tool for helping selecting the correct 
SW 6000 Software Licenses
and DCS 6000 Firmware Licenses is now 

Download the configuration tool