Software Release Descriptions

Version 6.6.26 2017-12-29 (Hotfix)


  • This version is a feature release for use in systems with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU Central Units only
  • This version cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version can upgrade SW6000 from all previous SW6000 versions
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
    • No new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions
    • A new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions


  • CAA, Agenda subject durations added - meeting start time used for agenda item start time
  • CAA, Added Email field to Participants table
  • CAA, Vote results tab in Agenda is now available if license SW6000-VOTE is available – dependency is removed from license SW6000-ADV
  • CUA, Agenda screen displays start time for agenda subjects (CUA config dependent)
  • CUA, Added Agenda Time extension control – enabling ‘Auto Update’ feature - Agenda item start time and start time for subsequent agenda items is updated when the subject is set active first time
  • CUA, Manual Entered Vote results now support ‘Unanimous’ voting

Beta support for Pre-request to Speak:

  • CAA, Agenda – support for pre-meeting speak requests for agenda items
  • CUA, Agenda – setting an agenda item active populates the pre-meeting request list for the agenda item


  • Fixed a Customer Reported database upgrade error – Collation error


  • Fixed an error
    • where the Microphone speak button state could get out of sync if a replace unit was done including an open microphone unit
    • where scrolling up/down in a large agenda can end up where the line separating the subjects is not being displayed
    • where using the CAA to change speak priority for a meeting role with no active meeting can cause a CUA exception – displayed in system messages
    • where the Last 5 speakers list should be cleared on meeting start/stop
    • where the Group speech time is not updated correctly after pause and resume of a meeting
    • where the Total Seat value displayed can be incorrect. Number of seats in seat table used by a meeting is displayed – technician seat types should be excluded in count
    • where the text color for result values is hardcoded – should be configurable
    • when using the mimic to log in a user, the suggested roles for a selected participant is taken from the participant table – should be taken from participant seat table if a table is used for the meeting. Login pop-up should be centred on mimic – placed on top of CUA if mimic is moved to secondary screen
    • where the name displayed for a participant does not reflect the meeting role if the participant is logged in using a different meeting role from the mimic
    • for a meeting with a participant list, where a participant that’s logged out from the mimic is not added to the ‘Participants not present’ list
    • where a participant in the Microphones Control -> Participant List -> Participant Info is displayed with incorrect show name if the participant has been logged in with a Participant Role other than the default for the participant. Resolution is to only show participant name in Participant Info
    • where a participant in the Microphones Control -> Participant List logged in with no speaking rights are not displayed in this. Same problem when no conference is active for microphone units with no speaking right assigned


  • Fixed an error
    • where deleting all CDA displays can make it impossible to add a new CDA display
    • in the Meeting Log report, where the report does not show speaker stop time, if speaker was active at meeting stop
    • where the subject title in Agenda Master/Detail view of agenda is not in sync
    • allowing the user to enter special characters in search field in Labels screen
    • in various screens with filter functionality – [Delete] button must be disabled when the search has no results
    • in Meeting Displays (CDA) where filtering and adding a new CDA display, while filter has no results, can result in a blank entry when filter is removed
    • in Meeting Displays (CDA) where the Update button is not enabled when changing values for numeric controls – e.g. instance
    • in various screens with filter functionality – Support using special characters in filter)
    • in various labels e.g. Delegate (User Type) is changed to Participants (Meeting Role) in speech time configuration
    • where a meeting re-import should not overwrite a stop date configured as future date
    • making the filter to correctly filter on start/stop date of meetings
    • in the Subject Vote Report, where Group sorting must be taken into account
    • in the Conference Units window, where clicking Add Unit after doing a microphone scan results in an error
    • in the Participant Table Window, where using the button [Generate] for the field Login Code, correctly generates a new login code, but entry is not marked as updated and the [Update] and [Cancel] buttons are not enabled

Version 6.5.28 2017-07-10 (Hotfix)


  • This version is a hotfix release for use in systems with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU Central Units only
  • This version cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version can upgrade SW6000 from all previous SW6000 versions
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions
  • A new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions

CUA Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error where Pause / Resume meeting did not restore request list in the correct sorting
  • Fixed an error where Pause / Resume meeting did not restore all entries in the request list

Version 6.5.25 2017-06-23 (Feature Release)


  • This version is a feature release for use in systems with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU Central Units only
  • This version cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version can upgrade SW6000 from all previous SW6000 versions
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions
  • A new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions

New Features

  • Added speech counter in CUA Microphone and Main display:
  • Added speech counter configuration in CAA/Participant List Configuration:
  • Added option to configure the voting mimic icons used in the CDA:
  • Added configuration option in CAA/Configuration/Voting Configuration:
  • CAA: Report generation time reduced (all reports)
  • CDA: Added command-line option to disable page switching
  • CUA: Button configuration for speak button and voting buttons color added in the ‘prjCUA.exe.config’ file

CUA Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error
    • where Pause / Resume meeting did not restore request list
    • for missing Meeting Role information in CUA after using CAA Conference Unit ‘Replace Unit’
    • where CUA Mimic shows assigned user in the meeting mode: ‘Code On List
    • where the Microphone in ‘Manual + reply’ mode cannot be not removed from request list when turned on from Mimic and Mic. ext. control
    • where the manual timer updates anomaly
    • where a participant cannot re-login
    • where the Meeting Role is not updated properly in CUA when Speaker is set for an agenda subject
    • where the buttons ‘Set agenda status’ do not have their own labels (3 labels)

CAA Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors with
    • the agenda, when assigning a speaker to an Agenda Subject in a Meeting
    • Room Configuration. Meeting Role is not being applied to a unit
    • Voting reports - individual participants are listed multiple times each
    • Voting reports - missing some results from proxy delegates
    • participants votes, which are ignoring the use of voting weight
    • Label 507, which is used in some wrong places
    • Participant Table, unable to clear Replacement For …..
    • duplicated user ID in Prepared Participant List
    • printing reports from CUA
    • editing a Participant Seat Table
    • the Participant Seat Table, where participants cannot be moved from one seat to another in the table
    • the language selection menu 'Invariant Language (Invariant Country)
    • an CAA Exception: when adding participants in Meeting Mode: Prepared Participant List
    • importing the ‘Default Participant Table’ to a ‘Prepared Participant Table’

CDA Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error
    • with Logged In display: Wrong Group shown for meeting using’ Participants Lists’
    • with Microphone Display: Pause speech timer indicator missing
    • with Microphone Display: Speech time count down timer keeps on blinking, red color does not stop after time has run out or the meeting is stopped
    • with font size in skin editor

CUI Bug Fixes

  • CUI Fix for Web service exception with very large agenda: Maximum request length exceeded
  • ‘Pooltime’ default value changed to 200ms (can also be set in command line). Note: This time shall still be set using CUI command line parameter for customers using automatic login on preferred seat in large system  


  • Participant Meeting Report, ID 1243 – Fix for show time for non-participating participants
  • Participant Statistical Report - Fix for incorrect if changes occur while CAA is open with active meeting
  • Participant Statistical Report - Participant Speech Time is not updated properly
  • Meeting Log report – sub repor6t parameters missing Vote report(s) with Groups - missing 'No Group' in Group Voting Result table Meeting Log Report - generation failed (on Russian database)


  • Prevent installing on systems where SQL server version is 2005 or earlier

Version 6.4.1 2017-03-31 (Feature Release)


  • This version is a feature release for use in systems with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU Central Units only
  • This version cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version can upgrade SW6000 from all previous SW6000 versions
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No SW6000 upgrade license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions
  • A new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions


New Features

  • Visual appearance has been updated:
    • Rebranding SW6000 from DIS to Shure
    • A general update of labels in SW6000 has been made. The most important changes are:
      • Conference -> Meeting
      • User -> Participant
      • Delegate -> Participant
      • User Type -> Meeting Role
    • The new labels will only be applied if the default English labels has not been changed. Both the legacy labels and the new labels are to be found in the folders in the SW6000 installation package
  • Color scheme of the CUA and CDA is changed to match other Shure applications. A CUA configuration file (prjCUA.exe.config) with the old color scheme is to be found in the SW6000 installation package
  • Change of SW6000 license structure. The number of licenses is reduced as the facilities in a number of modules has been included in the basic SW6000 software package. The new license structure will be effective after May 1st 2017.
  • Support for Shure Name Sign. SW6000 does now support the Shure Name Sign for showing the name on the sign of the participant logged into a seat .
  • Option to set the Manual Speech Time from the CUA. The entry field reflects the entered manual timer value as long as the CUA application is not closed



  • Optimization of showing Individual Voting and Registration results in the CUA Results view
  • Performance improvements in CUA for Login/Logout including caching more participant data in CUI/CUA to speed up CUA meeting handling
  • Messaging behavior updated so no participants or groups are pre-selected when opening the message view in the CUA
  • Added separate labels for Agenda status. ‘Set New’ used to be hardcoded, this is now corrected
  • Meeting import/export in the CAA, using either file or web service, have been redesigned to make it possible to have different customer implementations and import in different languages
  • CDA ViewStateServer is now updated when seats are updated in response to a CU/CCU unit status update message.
  • Improved error handling if CDA is disconnected from LAN (one CDA loosing LAN connection caused that other CDA’s might also loose connection)
  • The "Delete Default” meeting button is now disabled, if no default meeting is saved
  • Multiple participants can now be selected and deleted in the Participant Table
  • A confirmation popup is now shown, if the user tries to close the CUA.


CUA Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error
    • where a user logged in on a CUA with no paired HW unit, with meeting mode  ‘Login Using Code’ and with chip card enabled, can’t re-login on a CUA on another PC. CUI now also handles logouts from seats with no hardware on seat), allowing computer seats to log out properly
    • where some Meeting Roles in CUA are empty until first meeting has been started
    • with the command line parameter -CUI "Computername
    • where delegates are unselected after speech time increase/decrease in microphone control
    • when receiving a message in a CUA using lowest resolution (1024x768)
    • when applying room setup, and the Meeting Role was not being applied to the unit
    • in CUA volume control, where it was not possible to change volume levels. CUI now takes the seats active Meeting Role into account rather than computing rights based on delegate Meeting Role when sending out configuration updates. Updates related to audio setup will then also reach a CUA with a delegate receiving user rights from a secondary Meeting Role
  • Fixed
    • a memory leak error for CUA related to start/stop meeting
    • preventing applying a room setup, when a meeting is running. Message box informing the user is added 


CAA Bug Fixes

  • Changed three labels. If language versions other than the default English language is in use or the default English labels has been changed, the following labels shall be changed from the old values to the new values in all languages:
    • Old Values:
      • 6602 = dB
      • 6712 = dB
      • 6713 = db
    • New values:
      • 6602 = {0:+0;-0; 0} dB
      • 6712 = {0:+0;-0; 0} dB
      • 6713 = {0:+0;-0; 0} dB
  • Fixed errors with
    • 6 missing group labels after DB upgrade from earlier version 4.1.x
    • language pop-up at start-up
    • apostrophe in SQL.
    • an exception when setting Manual speech time
    • a Webservice exception with very large agenda: Maximum request length exceeded. Increased the maximum post size from 4MB to 64MB
    • Interpreter Unit, language selection, which was not always update correct
    • Database Inconsistencies. A number of differences are have been identified when comparing older databases (after upgrade to 6.x) with new database generated by latest 6.x release. The differences are now corrected and included in the CAA database upgrade script, so customers will have a more smooth upgrade experience, when upgrading from pre 5.1.35 versions
    • agenda subject in ‘No Login’ meeting mode to prevent setting a delegate as Speaker for a subject
    • duplicate delegates in SQL database. Duplicate delegates are removed if there is any, when upgrading the database, keeping the oldest one (preventive action to clean up the database). Historical data is not modified. Also fixed an upgrade problem for databases without language 1033
  • Fixed an error, where
    • invariant languages from the language list could be selected when creating additional languages. This caused an exception if chosen, or if the user scrolled by
    • the default custom mimic image was overwrite at a software upgrade
    • agenda subject item 1000 could not be added again after having removed one item
    • editing label group 57 shows an error when shifting between languages
    • the ‘tab’ order in the Meeting was incorrect
    • the delegate 'Replace' list included not active delegates
    • moving a participant in the delegate seat table of a meeting using the "Move" button generated an SQL exception when updating changes into database
    • labels were deleted if empty labels was imported into the default language.
    • Removed "Save settings in CU" button in CAA seat forms as this button has no functionality with DIS-CCU and CU 61xx.


CDA Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error,
    • where the manual timer clock on CDA momentarily displays red “alarm” outline prior to next timer selection.
    • where Delegate speaker names could be empty if the new CDA command line parameter -disablepagetimer is used
    • in Individual voting results display, where delegate names sometimes are missing for meetings with large amount of delegates
    • where Latest Speaker timer is not counting on custom screen
  • Minor font size changes in skin editor


CUI Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error where the Voting weight was not always taken into account in large installations
  • Fixed an error, where Voting Results are "0"s when delegates register w. chip cards during a voting session


Reports Bug Fixes

  • Meeting and voting reports has been updated to reflect delegate settings in all list type meeting types, so e.g. Meeting Role and voting weight are taken into account. Previously delegate settings was incorrectly taken from Delegate Table.
  • Registration reports updated to reflect Meeting Role during list meeting types.
  • Incorrect number of delegate speaker in Meeting log reports (report ID 1232/ 1451)
  • Delegate Meeting reports (ID 1200) updated to reflect Meeting Role during list meeting types.
  • Voting reports updated to reflect Meeting Role during list meeting types. The affected reports are: 1233, 1405, 1417, 1434, 1436, 1438, 1440, 9005 and custom reports 1444, 1445, 1446, and 1447.
  • Report 'All delegate Statistical' (Report ID 1243) updated to show correct speak times.
  • CAA Meeting Log reports updated to reflect Meeting Role during list meeting types. This affects reports ID 1227 (meeting login-logout) and 1232 / 1451 (meeting log)
  • CAA : Correction for duplicate delegate results in Meeting Log reports, which occurred when delegates had different Meeting Roles in list type meetings (report ID 1232, 1228, 1451)
  • Voting reports are missing results from proxy delegates
  • Voting reports - proxy delegates are listed 5 times each

Version 6.3.101 2016-07-13 (Maintenance Release)

• This software version 6.3.101 is a maintenance release and can be used to upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions, however it cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units.
• V6.3.101 is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
• No SW6000 upgrade license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions
• Upgrade license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions

CAA: Option to define ‘Show Name’ for WSI separately in the ‘User Type’
CAA: Report File Names does now include the report name and date.
CAA: Conference Log report w. Individual Voting results improved (Report #1451)
CAA: Show the SW6000 database server name in the status bar
CUI: Rooms: New hardware unit added to a room in ‘CAA/Room Configuration’ gets now the same property as the units already present in the room. 
CUA: Possibility of changing database from licensing prompt 
CUA: Falls back to ‘Logged in’ user type when logging back into own database

Error corrections
CAA: Moving a seat to another room does not update the seat's room's 'Allowed To Speak property
CAA: "Allowed to speak" checkmark not working in "Room Configuration" setup list 
CAA: Several fixes to the "Room Configuration" window 

CUA: Microphone screen, Delegate List extension does not show initial delegates
CUA: After upgrading from v4.x.x. database to v6.3.87, and running an existing meeting, a CUA exception is seen in Voting Result screen
CUA: Object ref not set exception 91 - MessageControl.Main

Version 6.3.87 2016-06-24 (Feature Release)

This is a feature release for use with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU only.

New features
CUA and CAA: Option to hide Agenda Subject levels from 2 to 6
CUA: Options in User Type to configure showing of Agenda Description in CUA
CUA: View of own casted vote on CUA, when voting is casted on Conference Unit
CUA: Agenda title editing has been improved as editing is now possible in separate window
CDA: Manual Clock available on CDA display also when no mic is turned on (custom CDA script)
CUA: Added facility to send group messages to ‘My group’
CAA: New Conference log report with individual voting results (ID #1451) now added to standard reports
CUA: Message box shows up when a message is received (CUA config file setting)
CUA: Option for opening Agenda links in external program (CUA config file setting)
CUI: Web Service. Option for making the Agenda Description available in the Web Service output

CUA: Manual speech time are now in sync on same CUA
CUA: Revised ‘Present’ variable calculations (TotalPresent)
CAA: Setup of User Type: Microphones/Group name is now default
CAA: Handling of the agenda limitation of max.1000 agenda items
CDA: Command line –trace hittest is changed to –hittest (Note: this is NOT backward compatible)
CDA: Custom script error handling (used to give an exception, now gives a hint about the error on CDA)
CDA: Skin editor – improvement for Item description
CDA: Voting time animation. Switch off the voting time animation use command line parameter -anim –votetimer
CUI: Extended timeout window for receiving vote confirmations from CU from 3 to 10 seconds

Bug Fixes
CAA: Conference Unit in reply, is not removed when 'All reply Off' are used
CAA: Old releases of SW6000 cannot change the Labels
CAA: Label 2315 error corrected
CAA: Delegate names missing in Conference log report after upgrading from version 4.2.x to 6.3.x 
CAA: Exception when creating a report when Windows is using comma as decimal separator
CAA: Detailed delegate reports cannot be created
CAA: Periodically not possible to login using chip card on CU
CAA: Registration check issues potential deadlock warnings
CAA: CAA voting overview and Voting reports - 2 button voting error corrected
CAA: Report errors #1233 and #1227 corrected

CUA: Re-login into prepared delegate conference cause exception
CUA: Individual results are not shown for votes cast before login
CUA: Incorrect results after cancelling voting session
CUA: Communication broken after restarting prepared delegate conference
CUA: Individual/Group result screen incorrect when using proxy voting
CUA: When Manual Timer is paused, it is still counting after logout
CUA: Language / Cancel selection visible at the same time
CUA: Exception when voting after 'No login' conference has been in use
CUA: Delegates wrongly selected after increasing speech time
CUA: Crash with for Technician User Type with LeftToRight language
CUA: Vote conclusion text in CUA corrected 
CUA: Browser URL entry in CUA config file does no longer contains spaces after upgrade
CUA: Mimic login name not cleared after delegate logout / move, in conference mode 'Login using Code on List'

CDA: Agenda display is not updated with vote conclusions at conference re-start
CDA: Speakers/Request is missing after CDA initial start
CDA: Date/Vote conclusion text is larger than normal
CDA: Cannot connect to CUI if more than one LAN is enabled 
CDA: Lists: Slow loading of content 
CDA: Speaker list blinking before type writing, when [MicrophoneState] is used
CDA: Introduce Connection log for debugging
CDA: Agenda display has too many spaces, when using a very large agenda
CDA: Animation stop with automatic display shifting
CDA: Voting list error temporary showing wrong formatted list item 1
CDA: Elapsed time not removed from Voting individual display when voting is stopped
CDA: Not automatically display the Logged In screen if configured as so
CDA: Conference and Agenda text shrink to size 1
CDA: Optimization: Slow agenda loading
CDA: Lost connection to the CDA-screens 
CDA: Mimic 815x1080 wrong margin

CUI: WebService error during re-voting on a agenda subject, causing a error in webservice log 
CUI: WebService fails to update if connection is established during voting 
CUI: Starting CUI with Prepared Delegate List conference running may not log all in
CUI: Prefix update during running meeting, is not reflected on CDA

Version 2016-06-22 (Maintenance Release)

This version is a maintenance release for v6.0 to v6.3.21 aimed for systems with CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 connecting to SW6000 through RS232. This version is not for new installations. Upgrade from versions prior to v6.0 for system using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 is not possible.

CAA: A Conference log report with individual voting results (ID #1451) now added to standard reports
CUA: Revised ‘Present’ variable calculations (TotalPresent)
CUI: Extended timeout window for receiving vote confirmations from CU from 3 to 10 seconds - with heavy login/logout activity vote confirmations may get delayed considerably

Error corrections
CDA: Not automatically display the Logged In screen if configured as so
CAA: Exception when creating a report when Windows is using comma as decimal separator
CAA: Detailed delegate reports cannot be created
CAA: Periodically not possible to login using chip card on CU
CAA: Registration check issues potential deadlock warnings
CUA: Individual/Group result screen incorrect when using proxy voting
CUA: Mimic login name not cleared after delegate logout / move, in conference type Login using code on List.
CUI: WebService error during re-voting on a agenda subject, causing a error in webservice log

Version 6.3.21 2015-12-18 (Feature Release)

We have had a lot of requests for supporting CU 6005/CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units on SW6000 version 6.3.21. Test has therefore been conducted with the outcome that those CU's are supported in SW6000 version 6.3.21  with the following exceptions:

* Option to send messages to group of participants in addition to one/all participants” is not supported on those CU’s
* Reply feature is not supported on those CU's

It is not planned to support CU 6005/CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units on SW6000 on new public releases of 6.3.xx, but instead make separate hotfix releases branched out from 6.3.21 to address possible bug fixes related to 6.3.21/CU 60xx.

New Features
* Option to send messages to group of participants in addition to one/all participants (not supported with CU 6005/CU 6010 or CU 6011)
* Received messages are displayed in a message list and kept until deleted or the user logs out or the conference is stopped
* A "Show on CUA" option for CDA screens in the CAA application is added. Used for disabling customised CDA screens which shall not be selectable in the CUA
* Support for WIN10 Operating System
* Custom reports are released in a separate zip file and are not part of the installation files

* CDA: Customised Agenda: Added sorting option ‘Original’ in the filter option
* CDA: Customised Agenda: A parameter: ‘MaxItemsBefore’ has been added, which defines the number of items to show before the current subject
* CDA: Customised Agenda: TitleWithDescription shows now ShortDescription if Description does not exist
* CDA: Customised Agenda: Option to filter Agenda by ‘Level’
* CDA: Customised CDA: Outline is removed if no delegate picture is available
* CDA: Customised CDA: Request list Header are not glued to Request list anymore
* CDA: Command line parameter introduced: -Trace “Hittest”. This parameter enables i.e. scrolling for some lists in the CDA.
* CDA: Hiding hours count
* CDA: Labels updated : 10503 + 10515 + 12524
* CDA: Voting time animation are now by default turned off
* CAA: Inserting of seats on Mimic will now insert the seats sorted by Seat Number
* CUA: Width of window and column in CUA-Display Control screen adjusted
* CUA: Database selection changed to be available only for technician
* SW6000 is now getting the culture codes, which are available from Windows operation system, during installation

Bug Fixes
* CDA: Agenda import from Word : CDA only shows 1/2 line
* CDA: Blank page after display shifting
* CDA: Conference Display - update button not enabled
* CDA: Connection loss during conference
* CDA: Connection screen and custom screen mixed up
* CDA: Crashing during fast display shifting
* CDA: Custom display fading error
* CDA: Custom request list also shows speaker
* CDA: Editor cannot save background image to skin
* CDA: Group time is not removed when new timers are loaded
* CDA: Hide groups without time limits
* CDA: Hours are not shown on default CDA screens
* CDA: Labels missing for alternative language
* CDA: Mimic, where the vertical dimension is larger than the horizontal dimension is not scaled correctly
* CDA: Old voting data are visible for about 1 second, before the new data is shown
* CDA: Optimization: Slow agenda loading
* CDA: Page switching happens just after display shift
* CDA: Reconnect during display shift
* CDA: Skin editor - background color editor not working
* CDA: Slow updating with custom Group Sorting
* CDA: Speech-time counters are shown for groups with group speech time disabled
* CDA: The command line parameter, -mode offline - will not start up the CDA UI

* CUA/CAA MSMQ connections problems
* CUA: Ambient enable/disable control from CUA mimic are broken
* CUA: Duplicated delegate after re-arranging in-request queue, with CCU
* CUA: Exception after meeting date expiration
* CUA: Exception when a delegate login on a DC69
* CUA: Exception when selecting Database connection
* CUA: Exception when turning on chairman mic from CUA
* CUA: Microphone control get slow at times
* CUA: Multi Room not working at all. No microphone control in CUA when using Multi Room connections
* CUA: Registration and Voting button problems
* CUA: Registration error - sometimes not all delegates are logged in
* CUA: Reply not removed after delegate have been speaking on Podium
* CUA: Some delegates cannot vote periodically
* CUA: Termination at conference start
* CUA: Version info visible twice on front page
* CUA: Web service duplicate text error
* CUA: Will not start up if user.config AppData cannot be loaded
* CUA: With max. resolution - do not start up centred after installation
* CUA: Wrong Agenda title in Description view
* CUA: Error correction for group speech time adjustment

* CUI/CUA/CDA: Voting time is not set correctly during meetings
* CUI: Changing speech time configuration has no effect
* CUI: Command line parameter -Createlogs do not enable logging
* CUI: ‘Object Disposed Exception’ after 3-4 hours of static use

* CAA: Agenda import from Word - label missing
* CAA: Agenda import from Word - Long/short description error
* CAA: Cannot be closed - but has to be terminated with task manager very often
* CAA: Can't add new CDA
* CAA: CDA conference settings are stored, even if cancel is selected
* CAA: CDA configuration text error
* CAA: Deleting languages cause an SQL error
* CAA: Exception when deleting CAA Multi room configuration
* CAA: Incorrect Error message for Voting reports - if no Agenda have been active in conference
* CAA: Installation overwrites the default custom mimic image
* CAA: Label errors - Label ID 3119 and 3818
* CAA: Licensing issue with CDA Skin and List Format, license SW 6060
* CAA: Mimic configuration - search order arrow not visible
* CAA: Registration report cannot be created, if no subject has been set
* CAA: Remove or disable the 'No CUA Control' button
* CAA: Report generation very often cause CAA to crash
* CAA: Selecting a delegate picture of a wrong file format issues a wrong error message
* CAA: Setup/Equipment list: 'Zeroes' shown when units are rolling in with the window open
* CAA: Sorting missing in CDA configuration in Conference Options
* CAA: Voting Conference log report's cannot be generated
* CAA: Web service setup window - resize working incorrectly
* CAA: Weird default filename when importing labels
* CAA: Problem deleting old AO’s

Version 6.2.202 2015-05-18

New features
* Registration Reports added
* Agenda Subject Vote Reports added
* Existing reports updated to harmonize the look of the reports
* New command line parameter ReportLabelId will add label ID number in front of each label for any reports, both visible in CAA and in the printed report. Command: -ReportLabelId

Bug Fixes and Improvements
* Delegate Seat Table layout improved
* Voting pie animations improved
* Microphone and Voting Mimic improved
* Agenda and voting CUA control improvements
* CUI now broadcasts individual votes also when voting is paused, making CUA showing the voted option when a vote is cast while voting is paused
* Bug fix: Predefined messages are received, but empty on DC 69xx
* Bug fix: Incorrect User Type for prepared delegate conference
* Bug fix: Microphone/mimic control error when using Chip Cards with ‘No login’ conference
* Bug fix: Microphone list and button shows incorrect status (for 'No login' and when no active conference)
* Bug fix: Voting result color not updated, when voting is paused
* A number of minor bug fixes

Version 6.2.184 2014-12-03

New features

New CDA features
* CDA now supports using transparent background pictures
* CDA Mimic vote cast indication
* Show background text and images in CDA

Bug Fixes
* CAA can't delete a Conference where voting has been conducted twice on same agenda subject.
* CDA UI jitters when sorting is involved (Individual voting results display) - partly corrected
* CDA Voting graphics are jumping / jittering
* CUI: Default Microphone mimic not visible on CDA until CUI is restarted
* CDA background image Vertical 'top, center, bottom' parameters are not always reflected on display
* CDA Typewriting and animation improvements to e.g, speaker list
* CDA Exception when renaming the mimic
* CAA / CDA Configuration - Prepare conference text – secondary language not used by CDA
* CAA Conferences - can't delete conferences when using search field
* CUA: Microphones with CUA attached not visible in Mic. ext list
* CU Exceptions  in VSS log when operating microphones fast

Version 6.1.104 2014-07-28

New features
* "Comment" data for a seat is exposed for displaying in the CDA

Error correction
* Performance improvement in large systems
* Voting weight limits
* Licensing check might freeze the CUA
* Optimize Group Speech handling
* 'Alert on CDA' button only visible in CUA if configured
* Errror in ECA corrected
* Error when using AO and IS corrected

SW6000 v6.1.104 is compatibel to Firmware Release 7.5.0 or higher only.

Version 6.1.73 2014-02-14

New features
* Reply functionality is introduced
* Bug fixes

Version 6.0.188 2013-12-03

New features
* CUA Mimic and CUA  is now opened in separate windows
* Bug fixes

Version 6.0.146 2013-10-04

New features
* New designed CDA application  
* New CUA screen with information during voting on who has not yet voted 
* New CUA screen with a list of delegates who has not yet logged in to the conference 
* New CUA screen with expanded view of descriptions to Agenda Subjects 
* Option in CUA to assign status to agenda subject (i.e. New, postponed, cancelled) 
* New reports and update of old reports

SW6000 v6.0.146 is compatibel to Firmware Release 7.4 or higher only.

SW6000 v6.0 is compatible with SW6000 Software License v1.7 only,

Upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions
Upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions are possible but is subject to an upgrade fee, Upgrade has to be ordered for new Software License (v1.7) in order to run this version.

Customers with older versions who have customized CDA screens cannot upgrade and maintain the previous customized CDA. If the customer wants to use v6.0, new customized screens has to be made. Version 6.0 however opens up for customers to make their own customized screens

Version 5.8 will still be available for download on the partner section on for maintenance purpose, but new orders on v5.8 will not be accepted

Version 5.8.122 (hotfix) 2013-08-27

V5.8.121 is only compatible with Firmware Release 7.4 or later.

Error correction
* Label lenght in CUA adjusted
* Some voting results missing in SW 6086 Web service Interface

Version 5.8.121 2013-07-01

V5.8.121 is only compatible with Firmware Release 7.4 or later.

New features
* Speech Time shown on DC 6990 P/F units; available with CU 6105/CU 6110 only
* Reports; updated with support for MS Report viewer versions 10 and 11
* New Voting result report with groups
* New Conference Login/Logout activity report including the Login/Logout of suppliants
* Support for Windows operating systems
      WIN 8 enterprice x86
      WIN 8 enterprice x64
      Windows Server 2012
* Supports update of database from version 4.1.0 to latest version

Error correction
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 5.8.82 2013-03-25

V5.8.82 is compatible with Firmware Release 7.2.0 or later only

Error correction
*Voting configuration changed in "Agenda Report" and "Conference Log Report"
*Missing voting result for individuals and groups in report corrected
*Empty Group Speech Time in combination with some language codes corrected
*Other minor bugs corrected

Version 5.8.78 2013-03-13

V5.8.78 is compatible with Firmware Release 7.2.0 or later only

New Features
*Support for SW 7085 Web Casting Software
*SW 6086 Protocol expanded
*Shure/DIS identity emphesized - graphical changes

Error correction
Search error in 'Delegate List' in the CUA/Microphone screen corrected 

Version 5.8.66 2012-12-21

*V5.8.66 is compatible with Firmware Release 7.2.0 or later only

New features
*Supports for 1-5 voting button on CUA Application and DC 6990 P
*SW 6125 Advanced Speech Time Module now support showing of Group Speech Time Summary in CUA-Microphone Screen

Version 5.8.48 2012-11-22

*V5.8.48 is compatible with Firmware Release 7.1.0 only
*SW6000 support for Win XP is discontinued and any Win XP specific errors will not be corrected. No tests has been conducted on Win XP.

New features
*New designed CUI interface with choice of TCP/IP connection for CU 6105 or RS232 connection for to CU 6005 / CU 6110
*New designed CUA Volume Control page corresponding to the CU 6105 Central Unit

SW 6132 Advanced Import/Export Module expansion:
*Conference import/export using WebService (CAA)
*Conference import/export mode selection: XML file or WebService

SW 6112 Advanced Agenda Control expansion:
*Hyper Links in CAA Agenda Subjects
*Hyper Links in CUA Agenda Subjects
*Browser in CUA
Improvements & bug fixes
*Manual typed voting result: 'Attendance/Totalpresent values not shown correctly and not included in the quorum formula
*Enhanced detection of pre- installed database during installation
*Upgrade from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.0
*Notorious improvements, corrections and bug fixes

About viewing PDF and Word documents in CUA: If the PC is using 64 bit operating system, a 64 bit PDF and Word viewer must be used, otherwise the document will not open inside the CUA.
PDF-XChange viewer is recommended and can be used for both 32 & 64 bit PC’s and is to be downloaded here:
Select ‘ZIP installer (32/64 bit) | 19 MB’
For easy detection of CU’s install Bonjour before initial CUI configuration. Download Bonjour here:

Version 5.6.57 (hotfix) 2012-10-05

Version 5.6.57 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

Can't turn microphone on from Delegate List

Version 5.6.56 (hotfix) 2012-09-14

Version 5.6.56 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

* Conference log report logout time error
* Error messages when creating new Agenda Subject Configuration
* After a speaker have been activated on Podium  the Mic on/off controls in CUA Microphone screen are indicated wrong

Version 5.6.55 (hotfix) 2012-08-31

Version 5.6.55 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

* Speakers Request queue problem corrected

Version 5.6.53 (hotfix) 2012-08-22

Version 5.6.53 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

* Group speech time error corrected
* CDA individual voting results - group column to small.
* "Print Results" button not visible until a re-vote on a subject has been done
* "Print Results" button is now disabled when no active conference
* Printing is now possible when no subject is active
* CUA Messaging: A bracket "]" is wrongly added to each message
* Speaker Change doesn't work as expected
* Cannot add new CDA configuration
* Quorum on Voting Configuration makes CUI fail to operate correctly
* Speech Time Alarm is shown even when disabled in config
* Unable to generate voting reports if a voter has a group with a long abbreviation
* ECA crash if no setting for com port 1 and no comport in shortcut

Version 5.6.45 (hotfix) 2012-07-18

Version 5.6.45 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

Bug fixes
* Corrects an error in the database update scrips for updating databases on SQL 2005 server

Version 5.6.41  2012-06-25

Version 5.6.41 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

New features
* CDA, Mic display: Group Speech Time is updated to display Group Abbreviation OR Group depending on
CDA configuration in CAA: Setup / Configuration / CDA configuration / Microphone Display options.
(Previously only Group was possible).
* CDA, Mic display: Speech time limit for the group can be displayed if selected.
* General: Group Abbreviation expanded to 7 characters.
* CAA: Updated to handle Group Abbreviations with up to 7 characters when importing a meeting.
* ECA: Support for Speech time alarm/time expired status

Bug fixes
* CAA: Russian error after adding 2'nd language
* CAA: Reports problem with unicode/ Georgian error
* CAA: WEB service setup -TAB order is incorrect
* CAA: Disabling "External Validation" for seat inserts DBNull instead of 0 in database
* CAA: Cannot delete AO + AM units
* CUA, AO control screen: Volume controls missing in
* CUA: Blank screen when conference is started or stopped
* CUA: Mimic exception fault
* CUA: Pre-recorded message list are not updated during a meeting
* CAA: Adding a new message causes the last delegate to be highlighted
* CUA: Exception - when adjusting mic volume on mimic
* CUA: Mimic error when starting/stopping conference
* CUA: Mimic and use of "show secondary User Type" user type
* CUA: Exception - after adding long pre-recorded messages
* CUA: Object ref. error / exception when adjusting volume
* CUA: Mimic "login window" are not closed, when conference is closed
* CUA: Message scroll bar is jumping a lot
* CUA: IS "mic on" control from technician mimic. cause "object ref. not set...." error
* C UA: Mic attenuation on volume control page has wrong values
* CUA: Exception when closing conference
* CUA: mimic "out of memory" exception
* CDA Indv. Results: Total Voting results missing
* CDA: Not showing interim results at some voting screens
* Changing CUA user type mess up first voting
* Units with No login capabilities (NO CUA or CC) are not logged in
* Alert message to be defined when secret voting selected
* Object ref not set - error "91"
* Installation errors 5.6.31 framework 3.5
* Error when removing chip cards
* "Overwrite message?" dialog when delegates log out
* Close mic on speech timeout not working
* Operator '=' is not defined for type 'DBNull' and type 'DUALUNIT

Version 5.6.28 2012-05-09

Version 5.6.28 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.9 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions

Major New features
* Showing of voting cast in secret voting implemented in CAA, CDA, CUA mimic and in voting reports
* CAA "Agenda subject configuration" added
 * Secondary speech timer when main timer is paused
* ‘One speech/Subject’
* Request time limit
* New CUA resolutions min 1280 x 800
* Changed CUA resolution, min 1920x1200 changed to min 1920x1080
* “Request List Closed” shown if the request list is closed manually
* Reset request time function
* Win Installation log can be viewed after installation
* CUI improvements when handling STF
* SW versions added in CUI log files
* Warning when user is trying to overwrite backup file

For detailed desciption and examples of screens refer to the Product Release Note (download)

Version 5.5.91 (hotfix) 2012-03-28

*DC 6990 P dual unit logout problem solved

Version 5.5.79 (hotfix) 2012-01-10

*Dual units not registred correctly

Version 5.5.78 (hotfix) 2012-01-05

*Inserted some missing labels
*Button in Manual speech time configuration enlarged
*Login from mimic corrected
*Request indication in CUA Speak button corretted

Version 5.5.56 2011-11-05

Version 5.5.56 is compatible to Firmware Release 6.8.4 only and is not compatible with previous firmware versions
Version 5.5 introduces the following major new features:

  • Enhanced CUA layout for quicker access to control facilities:
    • Three layout types
    • Stretching of window size
    • Use of sub-panels replacing popups
    • Drag & drop in Microphone Request Queue
    • New layout for Interpretation Screen
    • Configurable background colors, Font sizes, colors, type & button colors
    • Voting button appearance improved (size & color)

For detailed desciption and examples of screens refer to the Product Release Note (download) 

Version 5.3.56 (hotfix) 2011-05-04

*This version fixes an issue experienced where the CUI did not setup system correctly on a CU power cycle
*Fixes an error on CAA when the mouse is moved over combobox in the agenda window

Version 5.3.54 (hotfix) 2011-03-24

* Not possible to create a new database if SQL 2005 Express is installed
* Not possible to change the default DC 6990 language in the CAA
* CUI is frequently stopping responding if speech time has runn until end af limit 
* Logout time is not shown in Conference Log Report
* The conference cannot be stopped in the DC 6990P when Stop Conf. is activated’ 

Version 5.3.45 (hotfix) 2010-12-09

* Microphone is not removed from WebService Interface speaker list when microphone is turned off. Subsequent microphone ON command for a second microphone will cause WebService Interface to send a speaker list with two
microphones even though only one microphone is ON.
* Attendance isn't collected correct when conference running is LoginUsingCodeOnSeat.
* Not possible to make an report in Chinese language

Version 5.3.41 (hotfix) 2010-11-22

* Item Number is now part of the AgendaUpdate message in WebService
* Not possible to make a report from Result window on CUA
* Error in Search in Voting Results report
* Not possible to program a chip card on Windows 7 x64
* Records of delegates without voting right shall not be registered in Voting Reports
* Not possible to import delegates if the import file contains records in other languages
* Not possible to change Delegated Votes when a conference is started
* Column 'Replaces' is added to table Default Seat Table
* New behavior on agenda, when posting records
* Voting Report does not display correct group votes
* Agenda report displays incorrect voting results
* 'Group Abbreviation' is not shown on CDA
* 'Duration time' and 'Elapsed time' is not shown in the CDA 'Voting Graphics' and 'Voting Pie'
* Podium microphone not displaying delegate name when the microphone is activated from the agenda
* Voting Results shall not be shown it a voting session is canceled
* When a voting session is started the Technician CUA shall not switch to Result window
* Delegate name is not shown in the CUA welcoming screen if a conference “Login using code on preferred seat” and “No language selection” is started.
* If "'Set Timers' default" is not checked in User Type (CAA), the Manual Speech Time window shall not be shown on Microphone (CUA) when Microphone screen is selected
* Conference name not changed to another language when streaming is set to another language
* DC69 won’t reflect a No Subject set from CUA
* Delegate can not make a vote on DC6990, if the user is logging from a CUA/Mimic diagram
* CUI is using more and more memory
* Delegate details in web service calls does no  includes picture
* CUI shall force CU out of upgrade mode when the CU is started
* Button 'Close' in CUI window is changed to 'Exit' and a message box appear
* Finnish language database could not be installed
* Not possible to install SW6000 with 'One PC' on windows 7 x64

Version 5.3.22

This version contains a number of bug fixes and introduces support for the 64 bit version of Windows 7 as well as support for Windows Server 2008r2.

List of features:
*Support for Windows 7 (64 bit)
*Support for Windows Server 2008 R2)

Version 5.3.16

This version is a major release with many new features.

It is important to note the following:
*This version demands a new SW6000 License. Previous licence files cannot be used
*This version is compatible with firmware version 6.7 only

List of features:
*Import/export of whole conference to third part system. True integration to third part system
*Clear indication of active Conference in the CAA
*A number of new fields used at import form third party system
*New agenda layout with true hierarchy in up to six levels
*Clear indication of active Subject(s) in the CAA Agenda screen
*Agenda number field is added
*List of speakers in the agenda
*Transfer delegate names to the Podium microphone(s) either from the agenda or selected delegate in the CUA Microphone screen
*Two new conference modes
*Attaching names to units without chip card, whereas units with chip card login using chip card
*Logging delegates in and out of seats by chairman or technician during the conference
*Option during the conference to change user type as a delegate is logged into a seat
*Delegate logging into a Secondary seat get Secondary User Type privileges if allowed to
*Showing of the name of the logged-in delegate on each screen on the CUA User application
*Parameter setup of the “Name” to be shown for each user type
*Option for showing/not showing the CUA Voting popup at start of the Voting session
*Option in the CUA for sending an alert messages
*A mandatory seat can be specified, where a person must be logged in before a voting session can be started.
*Option for adding notes to a voting result
*Automatic generation of Group Voting Conclusion after a voting has taken place
*Advanced search screen for searching in voting results
*Configuring if Speakers list and Request list is shown on CUA Main Screen
*Number of requests are shown in the CUA Microphone Screen
*New tables: Group Table and Default Seat Table
*New Speech Time parameters in User Type:
*Label Groups are now in a separate register and can be translated and exported/imported
*‘Create Database Connection’ and ‘Connect to Database’ functionality improved
*RDLC (Report Definition Language Client-side) report definition for creating reports. All Reports re-designed
*Two Subject Vote Reports added
*Automatic Printing of Subject Vote Report when a voting on a subject is stopped.
*Option for a Print Result button in the CUA
*Automatic switching of connection to database for CUA and CDA when the CUI is started up connecting to an other database
*Setting of IS and AO units can now be saved in Room Configurations.
*System Messages are shown in the CAA Application
*True history in the database (name changes, group changes etc. is recorded)
*Single Sign Logon to CAA Administrator Application using network login
*User restrictions to CAA using Single Sign
*Support for Windows 7 (32 bit)
*Support for Windows Server 2008 (but NOT Windows Server 2008 R2)
*Support for SQL
*Selection of default language at installation
*No user input is required at installation of SW6000
*CDA application can run as terminal application
*CDA application can be installed at the same PC as the CUA

Version 5.1.40 (hotfix) 2010-03-22

* 4302: Error when modifying font corrected
* 4304: Check on license number corrected 
* 4319: CAA Error when adding Voting configurations corrected
* 4320: CAA: Text field for 'Auto off (sec)' made higher

Version 5.1.39 (hotfix) 2010-02-19

*Multi-language Messaging
*CAA Import of labels fails 
*Manual votings are not written to "LogProxyVoting" DB 
*Manual vote results are logged to VotingSession in CUA

Version 5.1.38 (hotfix) 2010-01-25

* CUA - Top of label truncated on Conference form for Korean language.
* CDA - Sum of columns fill weight values can not exceed 65535

Version 5.1.37 (hotfix)

*An error in the ECA application (All MIC OFF) is corrected.

Version 5.1.36

New in this version:

*Showing of total number of requests in the request queue is added to the CUA/Microphone screen.

Version 5.1.35

New in this version:

*Support for sending messages from SW6000 to DC 6990P Conference Units
*Support for showing voting results in the CDA application as Pie chart

Version 5.1.34

New in this version:

*Compatible with firmware release 6,6, which supports user translation af labels and upload of customer logo to DC 6990P  

Version 5.1.32

*Support for extended voting weight
*Support for multiple languages in DC 6990P

The following errors has been corrected in this version:

* When starting a voting session with the default voting parameter ‘3-button attendance check’ from a brand new database the CM DC6990P is only allowed to start an attendance check. The CM is not able to start the voting session once the attendance check has been done. .

* Wrong voting results in column 2 in 'Individual Results' on CDA.

Version 5.1.31

Support for dynamic text with complex language codes (like Chinese, Thai, Russian, Arabic etc.) from the SW6000 and onto the DC6990P.

Version 5.1.20

This version addresses an error in the RS232 communication in the ECA module

Version 5.1.19

This version introduced the SW 6125 Advanced Speech Time Control module

This new module to SW 6125 adds extended functionality to the SW6000 Conference Management Software. Speech time can now be assigned with the same time to all or with individual speech time (assigned to user type). And this can be assigned in connection with Group speech time. Also a manual timer is available.

The speech time settings are saved as speech time configurations, which at any time can be assigned to the meeting for example. can subjects on the agenda be assigned different speech time configurations.

There are various configurable options for like
·         Counting up/Down
·         Alarms
·         Counting Through Limit

The SW 6125 Advanced Speech Time module is subject to SW license.

Version 5.0.21

This version addresses an error, where the CUA may be unable to switch on specific microphones from request list after a CUA restart with microphones active

Version 5.0.20

This version will have the following improvements and error corrections:
Backup utility program will not be installed if you upgrade from V4.2 to V5.0

CUA Mimic remote login corrected
User Type setting 'Set subject' corrected

Version 5.0.18

This version adds support for Win 2003 server.
Please note, that it is important to make a database backup using SW6000 Backup Utility before upgrading from version 5.0.17.

Version 5.0.17

This version introduces a new and simplified installation procedure, when pre-requisites are installed as part of the installation setup.
This version is compatible with Win XP and Windows Vista, however the compatibility to Win 2000 has been discontinued. SQL Server 2005 Express is included and will be installed in new installations.
New feature where the microphone can be turned ON/OFF or into Request by using a keyboard is available.
A new SW6000 License File (version 1.4) is required for this version.

Version 4.2.30 (Hotfix)

This hotfix addresses an error, where the Streaming buttons in the CUA was not visible

Version 4.2.29 (Hotfix)

This hotfix address an error encountered in Web Interface, where WebService calls did not have correct speakerlist. Entries not removed and duplicates possible. The CUI version 4.2.29 addresses this problem. 

Version 4.2.26 (Hotfix)

This version addresses the following problems:
*Request indication in MIC button in CUA
*Discrepancy between voting columns on CUA and DC6990P Voting Result display
*Wrong numbers displayed below buttons on DC6990P during voting session
*Display of Requests in CUA Mimic Screen

Version 4.2.22 (Hotfix)

This version solves a problem in the conference reports as well as a chipcard registration problem in large systems.

Version 4.2.20 (Hotfix)

CUI: Corrects an error in the web-interface
Compatible with SW 7001 release 1.0

Version 4.2.16

CAA: Solves a problem in the Conference report
CUI: Introduces an update of the web-interface protocol. For third part applications utilising the web-interface the functionality must be checked, when upgrading to this version (or later versions).
Compatible with SW 7001 release 1.0

Version 4.2.13

Introduces a new voting parameter for use in CDA/Setup/Voting Configuration
Introduces a Customised CDA

Version 4.2.12 (Hotfix)

Solves a problem with database version.
Introduces CAA, CUA, CDA & CUI version 4.2.12

Version 4.2.11 (Hotfix)

Solves a problem deleting a unit in the CAA/Setup/Conference Units: The error message "Unable to delete delete seat occupied by a delegate" is shown.
Solves a problem deleting a language in the CAA. Error message due to existence of text in various tables occurs.
Introduces CAA version 4.2.11

Version 4.2.9b (Hotfix)

Solves a problem in CAA/Conference/Agenda when using SQL server.
Introduces CAA version 4.2.9.

Version 4.2.9a (Hotfix)

Solves a problem when starting a vote session without having started a conference.
Introduces CUI version 4.2.9.

Version 4.2.9 (Hotfix)

Solves a problem with CUA/Microphone page/Move command.
Introduces CUA version 4.2.9.

Version 4.2.8 (Hotfix)

Solves a problem in the CDA/Microphone page
Solves a problem in the CDA/Display switching
Solves an upgrading problem.
Introduces CDA version 4.2.8.

Version 4.2.7

Support for IS 6332P
Support for new parameters in Voting Configuration

Version 4.2.5

Support for DC 6990 P Conference Units

Version 4.1.18 (Hotfix)

Solves a problem in the CDA/Microphone page
Solves a problem in the CDA/Display switching

Version 4.1.17 (Hotfix)

Solves a problem with Web Service Communication

Version 4.1.16

Runtime showing of logged in delegates
Runtime showing of Quorum
Showing of delegated votes (proxy)
Runtime assignment of proxies
Time limitation of proxies
External identification using finger prints
Full license of applications and modules